Medical grade KN95 Mask

Molded and Folded 

Find out why these are the most popular Mask in the world. 

NIOSH N95 Medical Grade Mask.

Molded and folded styles

FDA Certified products for USA.

All import fees and duties include in shipped prices


Custom printed Civil Grade Mask. 95% with filter and filtered valves. We can produce your artwork or offer Graphics production with orders over 5000 mask.

raidersmask 1.50

All Prices and Inventory are subject to availability at time of  purchase.  Shipping rates and Production times are determined at time of purchase.


Face Shields FDA approved

Our shields are used worldwide. We can save you over 50% of the cost of other competitors

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Surgical Grade and Civil Grade Mask

We offer this product for different levels of use. Medical grade and Civil grade are important issue to take notice of. Our mask offer 99% filter and 95% filter ability and come in children and adult sizes

Hot new styles 

Neoprene with Vents

An Asthmatic’s

Dream Mask


coverall suit

Invasive and protective Coveralls in FDA level 1,2 and 3. We also offer disposable Gowns and accessorize